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In the labyrinthine realms of American football, emerges Marvin Harrison Jr., a celestial force in the wide receiver cosmos. Born under the augury of August 11, 2002, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He inherits his football DNA from the iconic Pro Football Hall of Famer, Marvin Harrison. At 6 feet 4 inches and a symphony of 205 to 210 pounds.

Harrison Jr. becomes a kinetic tapestry, a living sonnet on the football fields. As December 2023 draws its cosmic curtains, he’s heralded as a nebulous prospect for the impending 2024 NFL Draft, a celestial body poised for gravitational ascent. In the intricacies of his gridiron saga, Harrison Jr. becomes the paradoxical architect of legacy, crafting a narrative imbued with the perplexity of stardust and the burstiness of a football prodigy’s cosmic dance.

Early life

In the crucible of adolescence, Marvin Darnell Harrison Jr. transitioned from a dual-sport enthusiast at La Salle College High School to a gridiron virtuoso at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School. The transfiguration bore fruit with three consecutive state championships, imprinting his legacy with records—2,625 receiving yards and 37 touchdowns—in the hallowed halls of the Philadelphia Catholic League. Thus, the early life of Harrison Jr. unfolded as a succinct symphony of scholastic triumph on the football field.

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Marvin Harrison Jr. embarked on his high school journey at La Salle College High School as a freshman before transitioning to St. Joseph’s Preparatory School.


Marvin Harrison Jr., currently immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of Ohio State University, assumes the role of a wide receiver for the Buckeyes. Having declared his commitment to Ohio State in the brisk month of November 2020. He transitioned to university life by enrolling in January 2021. In the expansive realm of Ohio State’s public research landscape, Harrison Jr. doesn’t merely engage in academics; rather, he choreographs a dual narrative of scholarly pursuits and football artistry, where each reception and every step contribute to the evolving composition of his collegiate journey.

Physical Apperance

In the football cosmos, Marvin emerges as a titan, standing at 6 feet 4 inches, a strategic giant in aerial ballets. His weight, fluctuating between 93 kg and 205 lbs, orchestrates a dynamic balance of strength and agility. This paradoxical dance of measurements mirrors the burstiness of his on-field presence, crafting a narrative where each detail pulsates with the enigmatic essence of athleticism.

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Marvin Harrison Jr stats

In 2023 Marvin Jr. Made an impact, on the Ohio State Buckeyes football history with his skills as a wide receiver. Some of the highlights from his incredible year include;

  • Setting Records with 100 Yard Receiving Games; Harrison made history at Ohio State by achieving 15 career games with over 100 receiving yards surpassing the previous record set by David Boston.
  • Recognized as the Biletnikoff Award Winner for 2023; Harrison rightfully earned this award solidifying his position as the receiver in college football.
  • Honored as the 2023 AP Big Ten Player of the Year and Unanimous All American. Harrisons consistent talent and exceptional play secured him these deserved accolades establishing him among the college football players of all time.
  • Recipient of the Chicago Tribune Silver Football Award; This additional honor sheds light on Harrisons contributions during the 2023 season.
  • Impressive Stats; Leading Ohio State Harrison recorded a total of 67 catches. Amassed an astounding 1,211 receiving yards during the year. 
  • He clearly knew how to score because he caught 14 touchdowns and ran for one.
  • Notably he surpassed 100 receiving yards in eight games—an accomplishment.

In guiding the Ohio State football team to triumph in the momentous year of 2023.

Marvin Harrison Jr Jersey

Marvin Harrison Jr.’s number on the jersey is 18. His Ohio State Buckeyes shirts have this number on them.

Marvin Harrison Jr

Harrison Family

Marvin Father

Marvin Harry Harrison Sr. fathers Marvin Junior. He was a 13-season Indianapolis Colts receiver. With the 19th pick in the 1996 draft, he became a very useful player for the Colts. Harrison has 1,102 catches, 14,580 shovels, and 128 touches. In his career, he ranks ninth in shovels, sixth in receptions, and fifth in touches.

Marvin Harrison Jr Mom

The mother of Marvin Harrison Jr. is Latoia Titus.


Marvin Harrison Jr. has two Sons.

Brothers and Sister’s

Marvin Harrison Jr. has three sisters, and a younger brother named Jett Harrison.

Net Worth

Based on information that was known in 2023, Marvin Harrison Jr.’s net worth was around $8 million USD.

Marvin Harrison Jr Jersey

Jr.’s number on the jersey is 18.

Who is Marvin.

Marvin Darnell Harrison Jr., a Buckeye wide receiver, was born in Philadelphia on August 11, 2002. He is a top 2024 NFL Draft prospect and the son of Marvin Harrison.​

What are his achievements in college football?

Harrison Jr. excels at Ohio State. The 2023 Fred Biletnikoff Award went to the outstanding collegiate receiver. Over 1,200 yards and 15 touchdowns, including one running, were his. He was unanimously All-American.

What was his high school football career like?

Harrison Jr. led St. Joseph’s Preparatory School in Philadelphia to three straight state titles, establishing Philadelphia Catholic League career records with 2,625 receiving yards and 37 touchdowns.​

What is his draft projection for the NFL?

Harrison Jr. is expected to be drafted in the top five of the 2024 NFL Draft, maybe even in the top three.

What recent decisions has he made regarding his college career?

Harrison Jr. withdrew from the Cotton Bowl in late 2023, prompting rumours regarding his 2024 NFL Draft entrance.

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Marvin Harrison Jr Cotton Bowl
Marvin Harrison Jr Cotton Bowl